The Connection – Scales Of Reality

The Connection – Scales Of Reality

The Connection Mac & Book

The aim of this project was to explore the relationship between occurring patterns and how across different scales of reality these patterns are very similar due to self-similarity, fractals, networks, systems and emergence. The aim is to visually communicate this phenomena due to its mainly text and math heavy content. This included looking at how human systems and natural systems align in patterns and in movements.

The aim was to communicate these ideas of mass interconnectivity. The aim of this piece was to pose theoretical questions about the structure of the universe and how evolution and chance created reoccurring beauty and visual intrigue. These theory’s explored why human systems are beginning to looking like natural ones, as they become more effective and efficient (e.g. the internet and large cities) looking like neurons in the brain, capillarys and ant colonies. The project was designed to be shared in book form and as a website.

The imagery was a mixture of my own and other photographers all images were all referenced. The idea behind the book was that as it got older, the binding would eventually break and the pages could be pulled apart to reveal other patterns behind, along with mirroring the projects natural ethos. The website was also built so that the image combinations could be tested and changed by the user a version of the slider sits further down.


The connection website

Fully responsive page and header section to drive home the connection idea, the leading in “The Connection” gets tighter as the page width shrinks. The slider below was used to allow others to find their own unique patterns across the scales of reality.

Above are image combinations used in the project and created into posters. All images were referenced in the publication and tagged onsite.








The book was designed so that the binding could be removed meaning the pages would slide apart to reveal other patterns underneath and allowing the user to match up different patterns you can see how this would work below.












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