Project exploring control through pattern creation across groups and species. The original tests were done with ants, both individually and in groups, to see if a controlled pattern could improve organisation and change behaviour for the positive. This worked and thus was tested on humans with posters and later, floor patterns.

Please download documentation to understand more about the project here.

Ants tested in glass bowls with three different patterns in mud. This was done with individual ants and groups to see if they behave differently. Patterns based on fractals in nature. This where recorded as can be seen above and traced each experiment was run for a hour.


Above you can see the patterns in line format and how the were replicated from nature, this is just on of many examples of this sequence in nature. These patterns are where the golden ratio is derived from. The patterns were used for all 6 experiments (the sample with a single ant and a group of 5 ants, the random set markings the middle circle tested with a single ant and a group of 5 ants and the factual pattern emulated from the natural patterns tested with a single ant and a group of 5 ants. This was to see if natural systems such as groups of ants and people could be controlled with patterns and applies to advertising theory.

Bellow are the 6 test results, the top three are single ants and below this are the groups of 5. As you can see there seems to be a stronger correlation between the fractal set and the ants movements that the others suggesting this experiment works.


The below 6 markings show individual ants tracings of their movements with mud layouts in red.


The below 6 markings show groups of ants tracings of their movements with mud layouts in red.


Below you can see how these experiments were translated into human tests. The initial line patterns (used for the mud markings for ants) were made into bubble wrap posters and left for a week in the collage hallway for people to pop. The bubble wrap sheets were then removed and charcoaled over to show the markings as you can see below. This was then also tested as a large interactive floor piece for people to draw on as you can see tat the bottom of this page. .







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